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Unforgettable memories!

At Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation, we build itineraries that transcend a traditional vacation experience. We foster creativity and passion in our guests, helping them unplug from their daily lives and reconnect with earth and community.
Each experience is singular, custom. Made to fit each guest differently. The day is yours, let us help you design your adventure.


The Lighthouse Vlakkenhoek

Sixteen-sided light-house was built in 1879 on the rugged outermost south-west tip of Sumatra, a place that in colonial time was known as Vlakkenhoek. The construction of the lighthouse was part of a long-term program aimed at building fifty coastal and harbor lights of varying size along the East Indies coast, in the Sunda Strait, that still stand after the eruption of Krakatoa volcano.


Being in a conservation area, TWNC invites farmers to apply agriculture and organic plantations without using chemicals. From agricultural products and plantations used as a source of livelihood without enter to the forest.

Wild Experience

Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation aims to deliver a completely new and raw wild experience nature experience. Tiger Rehabilitation Centre is the best tiger rehabilitation that rehabilitate and release tigers into the wild.

Villas & Facilities

Where you stay on vacation is more than just a hotel room. It is an experience. A new way of living. Every detail in our rooms – crisp white bed linens on our signature canopy beds, handmade chocolate in the mini bar, sweeping panoramic views of the Indian ocean – is designed to make you feel both at home yet completely transported.

All our Villas come with Fantastic Views and fully Air Conditioning – Hot showers

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Take a moment, take a deep breath of pure natural wild life air and let it into your lungs. Open your eyes and pull back the curtains of your bedroom, you can see sunrise from Tambling runway, sambar deer running at the runway, you can hear choir from siamang monkeys and just feel at peace. The Sumatera villa have been designed in mind for large families.  Natural wood material, rattan for chair, table desk and very natural look and feel in the jungle


Complete quite, dramatic views. Your own private outdoor garden and beach with the view of a beautiful sunset, you can use the quiet estate for private yoga on in the late afternoon or early mornings at night you can hear sound an owl and the sounds of the hedge hogs running around your villa and the deer eating their early breakfast . This cottage close with lighthouse, jogging track area and lagoona at saung bajo


In the morning you can see a beautiful sunrise from your balcony. BW is just next to the Tambling boat pier. You can take your coffee right on your veranda or just simply walk out on the jetty and enjoy the sunrise.


This is our new addition to our  resort in Tambling 7 newly build villas right on the beach, you can lay in your bed to see the sun rise and at night falling asleep to the sound of the waves. There is a common area where you can gather at night and  share stories of all the great experiences that had during the day and just chill out


This villa is 4 large rooms that is attached to each other overlooking the garden and the wildlife in the mornings and are just a very private place to hang out on the balcony during the afternoons

Tree House

Built around the camara equitifolia tree, this villa is ideal for anyone who appreciates unique design and a sense of immersion in nature. You wake to the sound of chirping bird, siamang and you fall asleep to the music of wave crashing softly. High above the ground, far away from stress and distraction, you are alive and one with nature. So close with Sumatran Tiger Rescue center, Muara farm and Community village.


Alila was built by the Alila group and is like a real Safari Tent feeling to it, perfect place for honey mooners to spend time in with the options of private dinners and susets. Its located are right next to the light house and have the best sunset views that you can imagine.


Things to do in Tambling Wildlife Resorts

Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation is part of a conservation area that protects Sumatra's rare flora fauna. We offer the experience of living in the jungles of the tropical forests of Sumatra Island that surround by the Indian Ocean, away from the crowds and fresh air supply that can refresh your thoughts and minds. The choice of a variety of field activities such as jungle tracking, safari, lake safari, wildlife observation, jogging, snorkeling, horse riding and agrotourism will add the excitement of your ecotour.

Tambling Wildlife Resorts
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